Primary Viva Exam Suggestion & Tips

Many have requested, I have helped you to succeed in the primary teacher exam return (MCQ) with suggestions and guidelines, this time let me give you some tips and suggestions for the primary teacher VIVA Exam. So that I can successfully complete the final step of the job test. Very busy; So it’s really hard to find time. I can’t always do much for you even if I want to. Yet this small effort for you.

It is worth mentioning here that we have made this suggestion in the light of the actual experience of the 100 primary school teachers who were recently hired to make the Viva suggestion. Hopefully, you will benefit a lot if you follow this suggestion.

Primary Viva Exam Suggestion & Experience

1. Introduce Yourself. Know this well.

2. Learn more about the war of liberation and Bangabandhu (especially 6-point, United Front election of 1954, mass uprising of 1969, results of election of 1970, details of Mujibnagar government, Birshreshtha and name of sector commander.

3. Success / achievement of the present government.

4. From the Economic Survey-2019, literacy rate, life expectancy, primary education rate, primary school boy-girl ratio, current per capita income, current budget, ADP, inflation and GDP growth.

5. Details about your district (you can find it on the official website “National Information Window”), famous people of the district, if there is any famous product, sights of the district, number of government primary schools in the district

6. Name of Education Officer of your district, Name of Education Officer of your Upazila / Thana and Name of District DC; Name of MP / Minister of your constituency. If you have a famous freedom fighter or notorious razakar in your district, you will know the name.

7. Name of the present Minister of Education / Minister of State and Minister of Primary and Mass Education / Minister of State.

8. Basic knowledge about the subject of Honors if done Honors.

9. If there is a famous person’s name with your name then details about him

10. Knowing if a famous person was born / died on your birthday.

11. You will know the date, name and year of Vivar Day in Bengali, English and Arabic from the magazine.

12. If there is a national or international day on Vivar Day, find out the details about it.

13. You will learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimal well.

Primary Teacher Recruitment VIVA Tips and Suggestions

14. Mathematics of finding out the date of birth. (You can find it in the book of class five.)

15. Master the important Bengali and English spellings well.

16. Honorable Prime Minister’s Various Awards and Medals (You will find the book Primary Teacher Recruitment Analysis / BCS Preliminary Analysis).

16. Details about Bangabandhu.

16. National anthem of Bangladesh.

19. Famous poems of class 1-5 (especially Rabindranath and Nazrul. With the poem “Banalata Sen” by Jibanananda Das)

20. One will learn Kari Rabindranath Sangeet and Nazrul Sangeet. With 1 patriotic music.

21. Important Translation (especially translation of various proverbs and sayings)

22. Tense

23. Headquarters of important international organizations.

24. Geographical nicknames of different countries / places

25. Important recent general knowledge.

Take these topics seriously. Inshaa Allah you will get good results.

Primary VIVA Exam Tips and Suggestions

Author: 35th BCS (General Education) Cadre,
Former Senior Officer (Pubali Bank Limited)
Author of Primary Teacher Recruitment Analysis

Primary viva experience. (Private)
Cox’s Bazar.
Date: 05/06/2010

Assalamu Alaikum.
Waalaikum salam.
1. How are you?
A. I’m fine sir.
2. Are you here for Viva? Are you scared?
A. No sir.
3. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys …..
A. Bay of Bengal. Say in English? Bay of Bengal.
4. Is there any Shark in the Bay of Bengal.
A. Yes sir.
5. What is Shark’s Bengali? A. Sharks.
6. From which upazila did you come?

A. Ramu
. What is Ramu famous for?

A. For rubber plantations.
6. What is rubber English?

A. goma.
(asked some more questions about ramu).
9. Which subject did you read?

A. Economics.
10. Who is the father of economics?
11. This means per capita income for the year? (I mentioned the per capita income for the previous two years because the year 2010 has not been declared yet.)
12. What is the full form of SIM?
A. subscriber identity module. (What does module mean?)
Name the English newspaper at 13.2?
I said.
14. What is the name of DC of Cox’s Bazar? I said.
In fact, he was Mr. DC.
(Asked some more personal questions.)
15. Do you have a job?
A. I will think about the result.
You can come now.


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