Primary Teacher Job Examination Preparation 2022

Preparation of Primary Teacher Job Examination 2022 : 2 nd phase Government Primary School Assistant Teacher Job Examination-2020 will hold on 20th May. And 3rd phase Job examination will held on 3rd June. This is my small effort for those who have zero level of preparation so that they can go to the exam hall in preparation for becoming a hero.

Primary Teacher Job Examination Preparation 2022

I fear that if you follow my exam strategy, you will win. You will the proud member of the biggest government department of our country. ”

Syllabus of Recruitment Examination in Primary School

There will  80 questions from Bengali (20), English (20), Mathematics (20) and General Knowledge and Daily Science (20) subjects.
The first step of the Question analysis shows that the Question pattern is the same as before. So there is no time to afraid or anxious.

 Primary Teacher Job Exam Bangla Preparation

Emphasize grammar (expected to be 15+).
1. Factor
2. Samas
3. Treaty
4. Nature and suffix
5. Spell
6. Sentence correction
8. Original and semantic classification of words
6. Synonyms
9. Opposite words
10. Bagdhara

Must see-

1. Language related questions
2. Terms (Adjectives, Pronouns, Prepositions, Verbs, Duplicate, Position)
3. Express in one word
4. Word
5. Gender
6. Terminology
6. Transliteration
Literature (less to come)
1. Read the names of Rabindranath, Nazrul, Bankim, Saratchandra, Michael, Farrukh, Shamsur Rahman, Jasim Uddin, Begum Rokeya, Panchpandab +, authors of some famous books.
2. Famous verses, proverbial verses, some famous songs of mystic artists. (It would be better to read the chapters from a book.

Which book to read-

1. Read the reading in such a way that the concept is clear from any book. Then read the solution of the previous question and mark the answer with pencil. Then it will take less time to revise.
2. Shikar grammar and literature lessons, pioneers, Shikar question lessons, can be read from MP3.

 Primary Teacher Job Exam English Preparation

Most Crucial Grammar:
Part A
1.Parts of Speech and Identification of Parts of speech
2.Articles and Determiners
3.Subject Verb Agreement and Right Form of Verbs
4. Conditional Sentences
5.Voice Change
6. Narration and Transformation

You Have to Memorize:

Part B
1. Number and Gender
2. Phrases and Idioms
3.Synonyms and antonyms
6.Group Verbs
7.Meanings of Phrases
8. Phrases and Clauses

Literature (Less Important)

Part C
1.Literary terms
2.Name of some books of famous writers
3.Some quotations

Books that you can read-
For part A you can go through Master Guide by stepping topicwise by following oxygen guidelines.
For part B and C you should memorize previous questions of job exams.

Mathematics preparation for primary teacher recruitment examination

1. Numbers (numbers, numbers, prime numbers, even prime numbers, rational, irrational numbers, square roots, cubic roots)
2. Diagnosis and production
3. Section
4. Indicators and logs
5. Fractions
8. Centuries
6. Single rule
6. Lasagu and Gasagu
9. Measure, triangle, quadrilateral, circle, trigonometry, angle, arm, line, ray.
10. Profit-loss and interest
11. Proportion-Proportion
12. Average, median, set, inequality, format

Where to read-
Khairuls Basic Math, Math Cocktail, Shahis Math or any book.

General knowledge and everyday science

No need to waste time on common sense and everyday science. Common ones can all be Ansar.

1. You will read the last three years PSC Questions, 35-43 Preli Questions and last year’s Primary Questions from Job Solutions.
2. Bangabandhu and his books, Liberation War, Ongoing Mega Project, SDG, Budget, Economic Survey, Economic Zone, Various Achievements, Successes, National Issues, History, Tradition, Culture and Recent Issues of Government of Bangladesh can be read.

Study Plan For primary Job Exam 2022-

  1. 5-10 May 4 subjects will read readings from different books.
  2. 11-12 May Only MCQs will be read again.
  3.  13-15 May will read 35-43 BCS Prelims Questionnaire (Bangla, English, GK, Science) from Job Solution. Read the prelim questions for 2019, 2020 and 2021.
  4.  16-17 May give 5 model test exams every day. Solve past primary questions from a primary guide.
  5.  19 May take rest. Stay cool. If there is weakness in any subject, roll your eyes. Go to bed at 10 o’clock at night.

What to do in case of primary teacher job examination –

1. To take part in the written test, you need to bring your admission card and national identity card.

2. One hour before the commencement of the examination the candidate has to take the allotted seat and cannot leave the room till the end of the examination.

3. No candidate will be allowed to participate in the examination without admission. No books, answer sheets, notes or any other papers, calculators, mobile phones, vanity bags, purses, watches, any kind of electronic devices, communication devices or similar items will be allowed to enter the test center.

If any examinee enters the examination center with the mentioned items, then legal action will be taken against him including immediate expulsion.

4. The examinee must keep both ears open while staying in the examination room.

5. The picture given by the examinee in the application form will be in the attendance sheet and the invigilator will verify the examinee through this picture. Legal action will be taken against the fake candidates.

6. All the information including the signature given by the candidate in the application form should match with the signature given in the examination attendance sheet and OMR sheet.

7. The examinee must use black ballpoint pen in the answer sheet.

8. The set code of the OMR form will be pre-determined for an examinee. The set code of the OMR form prescribed for the examinee is mentioned in the admission form.

9. In the OMR form that will be given in the test center, the code mentioned in the entry form in the set code box has to be filled in the circle.

10. The set codes of the question paper and the set code of OMR form will be different in the exam. Five minutes before the start of the test, the room inspector will inform which set code question the contestant will get against OMR set code. The test taker will be sure to get the correct code question.

11. If the test is given in a set code other than the set code of OMR prescribed in the entry form, the answer sheet will be considered void.

12. If there is any mistake in filling the circle of roll or set code, the answer sheet will be considered void.

13. The examinee has to sign in the correct place on the attendance sheet and fill the attendance circle. Otherwise the answer sheet will be considered void.

14. All text boxes at the top of the OMR form must be filled in accordance with the instructions, otherwise the answer sheet will be considered invalid.

15. For handwriting verification you have to write three Bengali sentences and two English sentences about Bangladesh.

 OMR form Fill up

3 Bengali sentences

  1. This is our Bangladesh full of natural beauty.
  2. The natural beauty of this country fascinates the tourists.
  3. Each area of ​​Bangladesh is specialized in different unique features.

2 English sentences

  1. Bangladesh is a riverine country.
  2. The economy of our country mainly depends on agriculture.


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