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How to prepare for primary recruitment viva | Primary Viva Preparation: Viva examination is to physically present oneself in front of the examiners. In English it is called Viva test or VIVA. Its full form is Viva Voice. This is the Latin word literally with the living voice. The first condition of Viva examination in mental intelligence.

The depth of a student’s knowledge is not known in the written test. And to know that you need an Viva exam. The results of the primary teacher recruitment test have already been released. The first stage Viva exam will start on 12th June 2022. We will learn more about the Viva test today.

Primary teacher Viva

The written test for the post of primary school teacher is an intensely competitive test. If one does well in the written test and does well in the Viva test, his chances of success are very high. Government primary school assistant teacher recruitment viva is slightly different from other job viva. In this way, such questions are asked from the candidate’s own district and upazilla. The same way, they want to know about their respective subjects. In general, it is important for the candidate to have an idea about the district, police station, population, culture, history, politics, etc., for general knowledge in the Viva examination. You must know this in the primary assistant teacher recruitment viva exam.

Now we will discuss some important aspects of Viva test.

Primary Teacher Recruitment Viva Examination Mark Distribution-

Primary school teacher recruitment has 20 marks in Viva test and 80 marks in written test. The final result is published based on how many marks you get out of 100 marks.

Let’s see the number distribution-

Number 10 on academic results

  • In SSC, GPA is 4 marks out of 3.5 and above GPA is 3.5 marks.
  • In HSC you will get 4 marks if your GPA is above 3.5 out of 5 and if you get less than GPA 3.5 you will get 3 marks.
  • GPA 4 out of 2.75 at the undergraduate level will get two marks.
  • Number 5 for expressing and presenting one’s personality.
  • There are 5 numbers on general knowledge and co-educational activities.

This is the numbers distribution of primary teacher Viva test.

See also-

Submit the required documents

Candidates who have passed the written test will have to submit the required documents to their district primary education office. The required documents are-

  • Copy of online application
  • Admission to the written test
  • Certificate of citizenship
  • SSC Exam Certificate
  • HSC Exam Certificate
  • Graduation Certificate
  • NID Card

Note that if any candidate fails to submit the required documents within the stipulated time, that candidate will not be able to participate in the Viva examination. You will also need to get a receipt from the authority after submitting the paperwork. The acknowledgment of receipt should be submitted to the board along with other documents on the day of Viva examination.

Viva Exam Time Limits

In the Viva exam usually a candidate may have to keep 2 minutes to 15/20 minutes. You have to be mentally prepared for this. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Instead, assume that they are verifying that you are qualified for the job. The board of Viva exams must always have a positive idea.

Primary Teacher Recruitment Viva Board

The Teacher Recruitment Viva Board will have a total of three members. They are the DC of your own district, the district education officer and the PTI instructor of the district concerned. However, the field may not have more members than the groom.

Viva examination clothing

Clothing is an important factor in viva testing. You must wear elegant clothes. These are very important aspects of your clothing appearance expression on viva board. The board members noticed these issues of the candidates. So choose the right clothes for yourself. Teacher recruitment viva preparation

Boys’ clothing

Shirt: White dress or any stripe on white will work. However you can help match the other colors. Must keep a pen in the pocket.

Pants: Wear black formal pants.

Wrist Watch, Shoe & Belt: You can wear a black leather belt by matching it with a formal leather watch, shoe and pants. Wear black formal shoe. No need to wear a tie.

Those who want to wear Punjabi and pajamas can wear white Punjabi pajamas. Viber must cut his hair five-six days before. 2/1 days before the knock will shorten. Clean Save before Viva the day or that morning.

What to read for primary teacher recruitment Viva exam?

  • Learn more about your own upazilla.
  • Get to know your district better and your district history.
  • Learn about prominent people in your district.
  • For the Viva exam, go well to the basics of the subject read in your honors, i.e. about the basics.
  • Learn about the liberation war of Bangladesh, language movement, mass uprising etc.
  • Learn more about the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
  • Find out what the success of the current government is.
  • Some books written about Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and their authors know about the author.
  • Explain the basic issues of the Constitution of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
  • Learn about the Unpaid Primary Education and the current work plan of the Department of Primary Education.
  • Have an idea about the university where you studied.
  • You must know the Bengali, English and Arabic dates of Viva exam day.
  •  May ask for short translations.
  •  There may be questions from unit fifth rules, percentages, profit and loss and geometry part from the fifth grade math book of primary.
  •  The Padma Bridge and Metrorail are very important for Viva in this regard.
  •  Take a look at the details about SDG round and coronavirus.

Candidates who have passed the written test of the primary assistant teacher recruitment test are going to participate in the Viva test. It is from these subjects that the question of Viva examination for recruitment of primary assistant teachers is asked. We will let you know in our next post some sample viva.

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Primary Teacher Recruitment Viva Exam Preparation

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