How to prepare for primary assistant teacher viva 2022

Primary assistant teacher viva or oral exam preparation 2022.

Primary Viva Preparation Emergency Post (I gave it ahead of time).

Those who have passed the written test for the recruitment of assistant teachers in government primary schools will have to collect a letter of acceptance to participate in the oral test. The letter has been asked to be collected from the offices of the primary education officers of the respective districts by May 23.

The directive was issued in a circular signed by Manish Chakma, Director (Policy and Operations), Department of Primary Education, on Saturday (May 14).

Pre-preparation of Primary Viva

Primary viva pre-preparation for teacher recruitment

The viva of hiring assistant teachers in government primary schools is very different from the viva of other jobs. Candidates are usually asked questions from their own district and upazila. Basically simple questions are asked here, even after that many cannot. Some people are scared even if they know the answer, they can’t say it right. Primary viva pre-preparation

If you don’t really know the answer to a question, say with a smile, ‘Sorry sir. There are some things that can be done to improve the viva, as well as mental strength and confidence.

Primary Viva board

A three-member viva board is usually formed under the leadership of the DC, consisting of the District Primary Education Officer (DPEO) and a professor or associate professor from a government college in the district. The board may have more members than this.

Dress code For Primary Viva Exam 2022

In Viva Board, your dress, appearance, expression, etiquette, manners are very important. These issues of the candidate are noticed by the members of the board. So choose the right outfit for yourself during Viva.

Boys dress

Shirt: White full shirt. Any stripe on white will work. You can also wear a matching shirt in another color. Keep a pen in your pocket.

Pants: Wear black formal pants.

Watches, belts and shoes: Wear a black leather belt to match the formal leather watch, shoes and pants. Wear black, formal sole with rubber sole. No need to wear a tie. Those who want to wear Punjabi pajamas can wear white. Viva cut your hair five-six days before. Trim the nails a day or two before Viva. Shave the day before Viva or in the morning on Viva day. Primary viva pre-preparation.

Girls dress

You can wear elegant colored sari. However, make sure that the sari does not have too much craftsmanship. If you want you can also wear salwar-kameez. However, it should be elegant colours and designs. In other words, whatever you wear sari or salwar-kameez , it is a match. Can wear normal size earrings and chains. Keep your hair braided. It is better to match the shoes with sari or salwar-kameez. However, it is better not to wear high heels. Can give light makeup and light lipstick of elegant colour . Keep the pen with black ink. Primary vivar pre-preparation.

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Everything you read or know for Viva

1. What do you and your parents’ names mean?

2. Name of famous person associated with your name.

3. If you have a surname with your genealogy or name, some information about it.

4. Know the names, origin and naming history of your village, union, Upazilla, district etc.

5. Why is your district famous? Get to know the famous places, river names, products, traditions, etc. of the district.

6. Famous people and their creations and contributions in the field of art, literature, culture, politics and liberation war of your district.

7. You will know the full name of the institution from which you have done Honour’s / Masters, the date of establishment, the current VC or the name of the principal.

8. You will know the English, Bengali and Arabic dates of Viva Day. If it is a special day, you will know about it.

9. May ask small translation. So practice them.

10. You can have an idea about recent affairs and some famous poets of Bengali literature.

11. Talking about yourself is now a common question on most interview boards. So practice speaking about yourself in Bengali and English.

12. Attend the interview board with a clear idea of ​​what the Honors-Masters have done.

13. Get a detailed idea about the Liberation War and Bangabandhu.

14. Get a detailed idea of ​​the successes and achievements of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the current government.

15. Some information about primary education: education rate, number of primary schools, book day, stipend, names of ministers and secretaries etc.

16. You can see Vision 2021, Vision 2041, Mujibvarsha, Megaprojects, SDG, MDG etc.

Helpful books

1. Professors Primary Teacher Viva Assistant.

2. BCS Shortcut (Full Series) and Assurance BCS Viva Sahayika (Liberation War).

3. Basic books on Honors-Masters major subjects.

4. Internet.

5. Daily newspaper, current affairs etc.

Exam day preparation

1. Preparations need to be completed well in advance of the scheduled time.

2. The documents to be submitted to the board, the admission card, original copy of all the certificates and other documents have to be sorted in advance.

3. Be neat and present on the board.

4. Arrive at your destination at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

5. If your serial is later, you can get ideas from those who will become viva. If you don’t know any content, don’t flip through the book right now. Because you don’t even have to ask that question. However, if anyone else can get a brief information from him. Pre-preparation of Primary Viva.

Things to do on Viva Board

1. With permission to enter, go a little further and greet everyone in a religious manner. Then stand next to the chair. If you ask me to sit down, I will sit down with thanks. Make sure there is no noise in the chair.

2. Whoever asks the question, will answer his question by keeping an eye on him. Do not move your arms and legs unnecessarily while speaking.

3. When answering, try to answer in a few words and at the right point. Avoid irrelevance.

4. Avoid regionalism when speaking.

5. Don’t panic, don’t get angry, don’t argue, don’t be rude.

6. If you don’t know, say ‘sorry sir’ or ‘don’t know sir’ with a smile.

7. Dance, song, recitation, acting থাকলে if you don’t have these skills, say politely, ‘I can’t, sir. But you can also say something polite.

8. When your viva is over, if you are allowed to leave, you will get up and leave with a salute.

Primary Viva Mark distribution

Number 20 in Viva. The written test was 70. If you pass Viva, the final result will be revealed in the light of how much you got out of the total 100 marks. Vivar 20 Number Distribution:

Number 5 for presenting yourself properly on Viva Board.

Number 10 on academic results.

5 marks of your knowledge (own major subject and other subjects) & in co-educational activities (dance, song, acting, recitation of poems, sports, scouting etc.)

Subject to the pre-preparation of the primary teacher recruitment examination viva

Picture uploaded in the application form (that picture is required)
Copy of application form
Photocopy of Admission Card
Certificate of Character and Citizenship
Photocopy of National Identity Card.
Photocopy of all certificates of educational qualifications.

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