Application for stipend 2022: মাধ্যমিক শিক্ষা উপবৃত্তির আবেদন ২০২২

Application for Stipend 2022 (School-College): Learn about the rules and schedule for filling up the 6th and 11th class stipend online application form.

Application for stipend 2022: Rules and schedule for filling online application form on HSP-MIS website (extended)

The Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Maushi) determine the selection process for the sixth and eleventh class eligible students for admission in the school-college under the integrated stipend program of 2022.

The Department of Education instruct the students to fill up the application form along with the schedule for filling up the online application form for the stipend.

Mausi also instruct the stipend-eligible educational institution on how to enter student information on the HSP-MIS website.

Online application form for stipend to educational institutions from 10 March 2022 to 13 April 2022 AD. Must be entered by date (extended time).

Fill the online stipend application form on Mausi HSP-MIS website till 13th April

The online application entry for the stipend of the educational institution (school-college) starts from 10 March 2022. It scheduled to be sent to the upazila till April 10.

However, due to special consideration, the deadline for sending student information to HSP-MIS from the educational institution level to Anti and Upazila is 13 April 2022 . Extended to date.

In a notification issue by the Department of Higher Education on April 11, the deadline for filling up online application forms for Class VI and XI has extended.

According to the new schedule 13 April 2022 AD. Students will send the information to the Upazila / Thana Education Officer using the specified option of the software after entering the information by 12 midnight. Entry facility will close automatically after the specified time.

The Upazila / Thana Secondary Education Officer will check and sort the information entered by the HSP-MIS by the educational institution through the stipend committee.

Verified-selected information 21 April 2022 AD. To date. Upazila / Thana Secondary Education Officer will send to HSP-PMEAT using the prescribed option (extended time).

See the notice for extension of deadline for submission of application for 6th and 11th class stipend of school-college.

Application for stipend 2022: মাধ্যমিক শিক্ষা উপবৃত্তির আবেদন ২০২২

Eligibility for stipend 2022: Those who can apply for stipend

Students will be selected through a specialized software by verifying and sorting the information at the institutional level through a joint method of poverty and proxy means testing.

Only 6th and 11th class students can apply for the stipend under this program.

However, 9th class students who have just passed 8th class from a non-stipend educational institution can apply for the stipend. No 9th class student can apply for stipend in his / her educational institution.

Students are eligible for stipends if they receive stipends from any other government source or tuition allowance from their parents
Will not be considered.

Meritorious / General Scholarship students will also be considered ineligible for scholarship by the Board of Education.

All the information that students will need in the 2022 stipend information entry

  • Picture of student.
  • Student’s birth certificate. Birth certificate number must be 16 digits.
  • National Identity Card Number of Father / Mother / Guardian (10 or 16 Number). In case of 13-digit national identity card, first the year of birth has to be entered and the 18-digit number has to be converted.
  • Any valid / active online bank / mobile banking account number in case of receiving student stipend money.
  • In case of online / agent bank the account number should be 13-18 digits and in case of mobile banking the account number should be 11-12 digits.
  • If parents want to add a bank account, they need to open a bank account with their own national identity card.
  • The parent of the student will be the parent. Only in the absence of parents can any other person be a brother / sister /
  • Grandparents can select as guardians.

Online application form for stipend 2022 pdf

Students of 6th and 11th classes of school-college have to fill the application form for stipend. This form has to be filled and submitted to the head of the educational institution.

A PDF form (four pages) of scholarship application for students can be found on the website of the Department of Education.

The link below is to download the stipend form, fill in all the information, submit it to the educational institution and apply for the stipend.


Application for stipend 2022: মাধ্যমিক শিক্ষা উপবৃত্তির আবেদন ২০২২Application for stipend 2022: মাধ্যমিক শিক্ষা উপবৃত্তির আবেদন ২০২২Application for stipend 2022: মাধ্যমিক শিক্ষা উপবৃত্তির আবেদন ২০২২

Please read the above notification to know the rules for filling up the application form for the 2022 stipend. Let us know in writing if you have any questions.

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