Guidelines for the candidates of the 3rd step Primary Teacher Job Exam

The 3rd Step primary teacher Job exam will held on 3rd June 2022. The Department of Primary Education distributes instructions to the candidates and fills in the OMR forms, preserves the writings of the candidates, distributes the question papers, attends the candidates, provides general instructions to the candidates. 3rd Step examination of primary job 2022.

 Guidelines and information for the candidates of the 3rd Step  of primary teacher recruitment

If you are a candidate for the Primary Teacher Recruitment Exam 2022, then read the entire post carefully. Here we have tried to give details about the do’s and don’ts of the examinee.

The first Step  of the Primary Teacher Recruitment Examination on 22nd April, 2022, the second Step  examination will on 20th May, 2022 and the final Step  examination will on 3rd June 2022, according to the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.

General Instructions for Examiner-

On the day of the test, 1 hour before the start of the test, the candidates have to enter their own test room. Then they will not be allowed to enter.

  • Distribute and fill out OMR forms

OMR form will give 20 minutes before the start of the test.

After distributing the OMR form, a room inspector will explain the various aspects of filling out the OMR form.

The information to give in OMR form is-

(A) Roll Number, (b) Male / Female, (c) Set Code, (d) Candidate Name, (e) Father’s Name, (f) Mother’s Name, (g) District Name (Own District) and (h) Candidate’s signature.

  • Failure to fill Roll Number Circle and Set Code Circle or Attendance Letter and Attendance Letter will result in cancellation of the test.

In OMR form, you need to fill in the circle opposite the set code mentioned in the entry form in the set code box.

See sample OMR form –

Guidelines for the candidates of the 3rd step Primary Teacher Job Exam

Instructions for the examinees

  • Preservation of hand writing of the examinee

In the specified box of OMR form 3 (three) sentences in Bengali and 2 (two) sentences in English should be written.

  • OMR set code and Question set code link form

What is a link form?

A set code will write in the Admit Card of the candidates (a sample is given in Appendix-4).

And fill in that set code in OMR form. Such as- Padma, Meghna, Jamuna ……… etc.

But the set code of the question will different. Such as- 1, 2, 3 ……… etc. There is no set code candidate.

The answer to the question is a mapping.

For example, candidates writing Palma on the admission paper can get 2 sets of code questions, those who have Meghna write on the admission paper can get 1 set of questions.

The OMR set code and the link code of the question set code will draw on the board of the examination room beforehand.

A contact form was received from the Central Secretary about 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination.

Immediately the room inspector picked up the blank board form.

Another inspector will examine it with the original copy and explain the addition formula of the examinees.

Question papers will distribute after explaining that.

Instructions for the examinee- Filling the circle in OMR form and attendance sheet

  1. Circles must filled in such a way that the text inside the circle can not see.
  2. Round rooms must fill with black ink ballpoint pens.
  3. No unwanted marks can give in the answer sheet.
  4. The answer sheet can not fold under any circumstances.
  5. A clean, neat and fold-free answer sheet is essential for machine evaluation.

Distribution of question papers

  • The distribution of question papers will start as soon as the examination time starts.
  • First those whose OMR code is Padma will ask to stand.
  • Question papers of prescribed code for Padma set code will distribute.
  • Question papers will distribute to other OMR set code candidates following the same procedure.

Taking the presence of the examinee

The room inspector will check whether the various parts of the OMR form have fill according to the admit of the examinee.

The important parts of it are-

(A) Roll number (b) Male / Female, (c) Set code (d) Name of district (own district) and (d) Signature of candidate.

Failure to fill the roll number circle and set code circle or fail to sign the attendance sheet and fill the attendance circle will result in cancellation of the test.

The room inspector will check if these are met.

The new OMR form will not issue due to the error of the examinee to fill the circle.

The room inspector will check the signature of the examinee, circle of attendance and the set code number of the question is written / filled correctly in the seat of the examinee.

It is very important to fill the attendance circle, because the attendance sheet is read on the machine and this circle determines whether the examinee is absent.

Finally, the room inspector will sign the OMR form.

See sample attendance form-

Guidelines for the candidates of the 3rd step Primary Teacher Job Exam

Collection of OMR forms

  • At the end of the test, everyone will ask to stop writing.
  • OMR forms and question papers will pick up from the candidates.
  • The number will match the number of candidates who have sign the attendance sheet.
  • If everything goes well, the examinees will allow to leave the room.

New Guidelines for Primary Teacher 3rd step Examination 2022

  • Admit and National Identity Card must be brought along to participate in the written and Viva examinations.
  • 1 hour before the commencement of the examination the candidate has to accept the allotted seats and cannot leave the room till the end of the examination.
  • No one will be allowed to go out from the start of the test till the OMR form is submitted, so all the requirements have to be fulfilled before the test starts.
  • No room other than one’s own room can be occupied without the permission of the room inspector.
  • After any candidate without admit card Will not allow to participate in the study.
  • No books, answer sheets, notes or any other documents, calculators, mobile phones, vanity bags, purses, watches or watches, electronics, watches or any other type of electronics device, communication device or any such thing may bring in the examination center. . Action will take if any candidate is mention.
  • The examinee must keep both ears open in the examination room.
  • The picture given by the examinee in the application form will on the attendance sheet and the inspector will verify the examinee with this picture. Legal action will take against fake candidates.
  • All the information including the signature give by the candidate in the application form should match with the signature given on the attendance seat and OMR sheet.

New OMR of Primary Teacher Exam 2022 and Guidelines for Candidates

  • The examinee must use a black ballpoint pen on the answer sheet.
  • The set code of the OMR form for a candidate will predefine, the set code of the OMR form prescribed for the examinee mention in the admit card.
  • The OMR form that will give for the test has to fill in the set code box opposite to the code mentioned in the entry form.
  • After receiving the OMR form, the instructions written on the bottom right of the form should read very carefully.
  • The set code of the test question paper and the set code of the OMR form will different. Five minutes before the start of the test, the room inspector will tell you which set code question you will get as opposed to the OMR set code of the test taker.
  • The examinee will ensure that he has receive the correct code question.
  • If the test is given in any set code other than the set code of OMR mentioned in the entry form, the answer sheet will consider void.
  • If there is any mistake in filling the circle of roll or set code, the answer sheet will consider as canceled.
  • The examinee has to fill the circle of attendance by signing at the correct place of attendance. Otherwise the answer sheet will consider void.
  • All the text boxes at the top of the OMR form must fill in as per the instructions, otherwise the answer sheet will consider invalid.
  • Inside the center, your list will draw in any cell. If another candidate takes the exam in his place, his exam will cancel.

Download Primary Teacher Recruitment Admit Card

  • No one will contact during the test, any attempt to communicate with anyone or any misconduct will exclude from the test.
  • Before, during or after the recruitment test, if the examinee misbehaves with the room inspector or commits any wrongdoing and is found guilty, his / her test will cancel.
  • In case of examination, the instructions of the room inspector should follow.
  • At the end of the recruitment test, the room inspector has to stop writing immediately.
  • After submitting the OMR form and question paper to the room inspector, they will count it and ask the examinees to sit in their respective seats until they have fixed everything.
  • No one will leave the room until the room inspector tell to go.

Click on the button below to download the entry form for the 3rd Step  of Primary Teacher Recruitment Test-

Primary Teacher Recruitment is preparing for 2022

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